Derby Forest Cabins
Escape to nature in Derby, Tasmania

Where are we located?



To get to Derby from Launceston, there are two routes available:

  • The Sideling
    Famous for its Targa Tasmania history, travelling to Derby via the sideling takes roughly 1 Hour and 10 minutes to cover the 95km journey. The Sideling is a 15km mountain pass that has a reputation in winter and the wet to be slippery. Whilst a great drive, drive to the conditions as you find them.

  • Lilydale
    The more northern route to Derby takes you through the town of Lilydale and the surrounding rolling hills which are home to numerous Tasmanian wineries and the Bridestowe Lavender Estate.
    This route is 101kms long and takes 1 Hr and 20minutes roughly.

Both routes offer great scenery and take you through the township of Scottsdale which is also the closest location for a Large IGA, Woolworths, Red Dirt Bike shop, and alcohol shops. 

Once you get to Derby

From the BlueDerby Mountain Bike Trailhead, turn towards the east coast and drive up and across the bridge towards a very large pine tree at the next left hand bend in the road. The start of Mutual Road is at this very pine tree. Follow the mutual road as it winds back down to a bridge that crosses the Ringarooma river and on the exit of this bridge take an immediate right hand turn. You will find Derby Forest Cabins located 2kms from the bridge. 

getting around

Whilst we are located only 4kms from Derby, that is energy you can be enjoying on the many BlueDerby Trail network.
For groups up to 4, we recommend any twin cab ute as your choice of rental with a tailgate pad for your bikes. Some rental agency have tailgate pads available for hire with their vehicles, if not, we have our own tailgate pads available for use during your stay at Derby Forest Cabins


important things to note

  • The last 4.8kms from the Tasman Highway to Derby Forest Cabins is on a council maintained Dirt road. Whilst it is still suitable for 2WD vehicles, please remember to drive to the conditions and enjoy the views that compliment this road.

  • From Dusk to Dawn the animals come out onto the road, small bandicoots, possums, potoroos, pademelons, kangaroos, and wombats are all know to come out on this road. To avoid a collision, take your time and enjoy the drive without any rush.